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Clients & Testimonials

Freddie and Daniel Crowe, Farrier

"Freddie is by far the best teacher and farrier I have ever met and worked with"


Cheryl Gill: Situation: 17.3 hands warm blood fractured right hip joint causing him to shorten his stride on that leg. Compensating caused the left front hoof to club and caused a rotation of the coffin bone. Solution: Freddie put a shoe on the right hind hoof to raise and balance his hips. Result: Hips are now level and the left hoof has significantly less rotation. The horse is well on the way to recovery.

Deborah Bennett: Situation: Her quarterhorse was extremely lame. Solution: The left front foot was out of balance, torking on the pasturn creating pressure on the outside. Solution: Freddie had to only re-balance it. Result: By that afternoon the horse was sound and has not had a problem since that day.

Kimberly: Situation: Paint Horse that had 3-4 farriers previously work on him with many lameness issues. Solution: Feet were improperly balanced for his conformation. Freddie shortened his breakover and increased the angle by 2 degrees. Result: By that afternoon the horse was sound.

Sharon Willis: Situation: Quarterhorse was lame in the hocks & stifles. The inside of the hooves were too long causing him soreness and damaging the tissue in the joints. Solution: Freddie lowered the inside of his feet to relieve the pressure and cause better alignment. Result: The horse went completely sound.


Ed Dabney,"Gentle Horsemanship", Monroe, GA
Lucinda Wiseman, Monroe, GA
Black Forest Equestrian Center, Aiken, SC
Beaver Springs Farm, Loganville, GA
Finale Morgans, Lawrenceville, GA
Jean & Rich Vandervinter, Hartwell GA
Cheryl Gill, Carrollton, GA
Roger & Sharon Willis, Conyers, GA
Barbara Lord, Lawrenceville, GA
Shirely Singleton, Good Hope, GA
Alice Patterson, Douglasville, GA
Karen Jones, David Lichman Event Coordinator

Dr. Stan Brown, Lexington, GA
Dr. Robert Grizel, Hoschton, GA
Dr. Conley, Walnut Grove, GA
Dr. Parks, University of Georgia, Athens, GA


“Natural Motion Shoeing, Inc. is dedicated to the soundness of the horse through the proper balance of its feet”